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The mission of the BioMicroscopy Wiki is to provide a forum for techniques and instrument specific solutions for biological imaging. We aim to provide a centralized location for microscopists to find instructions on how to build and hack microscopes, write custom software and scripts, and biological methods used in these highly customized techniques. We emphasize sharing of routines and methods that includes posting of OpenSource code for microscopy control and analysis. We also emphasize techniques that are easily citable/shareable with the broader community.

Reading BioMicroscopy

We encourage everyone with an interest in microscopy to read the information included here. For instructions on how BioMicroscopy is organized please see How to Use. If there is any information that you would like added please contact one of the editors, or become one yourself.

How to Become an Editor

BioMicroscopy is generated and curated by a group of Editors. If you have a specific expertise we welcome you to join our community by emailing for write access as well as adding yourself as one of the editors on the Editors page. Also please read How to Use for instructions on how the site is organized.


BioMicroscopy is hosted by the Biological Imaging Development Center (BIDC) at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF).
The BIDC is an interdisciplinary center configured to assemble, test and apply emerging light microscopy techniques and technologies. It is designed to serve two roles: a conduit for new optical imaging technology and as a site for new technology development. The center also seeks to provide centralized space, personnel and technical tools toward advancing optical imaging in the biological sciences.
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